American Time Bomb

Sam Melville has been called “the essential blueprint for almost every radical organization throughout the 1970s” by bestselling author and historian Bryan Burrough. Dozens of books have talked about his contribution to the anti-war movement of the 1960s and his brutal assassination.

American Time Bomb, is a historical narrative non-fiction book about the life, death and times of Sam Melville. This book, currently a work-in-progress still being shopped to publishers will address social justice issues such as:

  • What is the fundamental difference between radicalism and terrorism?
  • How do the children of radicals suffer for their parents’ choices?
  • Is the FBI culpable in the escalation of US radicalism/terrorism via their covert agent/provocateur program, COINTELPRO?
  • What really happened at Attica in 1971 and who killed Sam Melville?

Some of the top editors in the publishing industry loved American Time Bomb but so far, marketing departments were unable to see an sales angle due to its controversial tell-all nature.

Here are just a few edited excerpts of comments by respected non-fiction editors.

“This memoir/biography reminds me of as The Color of Water, but, I’m afraid I couldn’t convince my fellow editors to take a chance on this book. I could weep…  I think the proposal is perfect as it stands, and I think [he] should write it exactly along those lines whether or not you find a publisher for it.  I think he could make it work even if he had to self-publish it. It’s just that good of a book.”

Yuval Taylor of Chicago Review Press

“I am always fascinated by how people of that era—which is my era—managed to convince themselves to do things that in hindsight we all know were horrible mistakes. And yet it happened—repeatedly. But the psychology of the radicals of the 1960s doesn’t seem to interest others here as it does me. It’s times like this that I see the value of having one’s own imprint and being able to take a chance.”

Bob Bender of Simon & Schuster

“What an extraordinary, harrowing, and moving story told with great sensitivity and nuance. It feels timely and urgent. I regret to be passing since the story is so remarkable.”

— Gabriella Doob of Ecco/Harper Collins

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